Licenses: will be on sale around the second Monday of August. You need to purchase this online at NYSDEC or in person at a store in NY.

You need to purchase your license before October 1st, or you will not get doe tags.

Doe tags need to be purchased in 8R, unless I tell you otherwise.

Hunter will be allowed to take a maximum of one buck and two does per season if you purchase the tags.

What to bring:

  • Personal items
  • Toiletries
  • Towel and hand cloth
  • House shoes (no boots in house)
  • "Bedding is provided"
  • Clothing (hunting/personal) appropriate for season
  • Rain gear
  • Weapon for the season w/ ammo or arrows
  • Back tag holder (licenses go in holder on back)
  • Safety harness for tree stand hunting
  • Cooler for deer meat
  • Flash light
Typical Day:

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Continental breakfast
  • Get dressed for hunting and leave at a set time with your guide
  • Hunting groups will consist of 2-3 hunters for every 1 guide
  • Pick up late morning return for soup and sandwich
  • Get a plan together for afternoon
  • Return to woods
  • Hunt until sunset
  • Return for sit down dinner (story time)
  • Relax
  • Bedtime
Meat Processing: is available at a reasonable rate. To have your meat cut and wrapped with a basic cut runs about $70.00. Other options are available upon request.

Type of hunting: All hunting will be done from blinds or ladder stands.


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